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Kelp Farming

Subsistence Harvest and Use of Kelp in the Chugach Region

The Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute works towards creating kelp seed hatchery capacity and conducting baseline kelp growing research at farm test sites around Prince William Sound while training project partners and providing products for processors for market development.

Three kelp species grow very well naturally in Prince William Sound and have commercial value and promising markets: Neorocystis (bull kelp), Alaria (ribbon kelp), and Saccharina (sugar kelp).

Access to seed stock is the primary bottleneck to expanding kelp farming in Alaska and is fundamental to establishing kelp mariculture in Prince William Sound. 

Kelp farming presents an extraordinary economic opportunity for local communities to pioneer a profitable ocean farming industry. Establishing kelp farming in Prince William Sound not only has positive economic benefits for the area. It also has the potential to become a significant factor in mitigating ocean acidification as kelp absorbs CO2.

We are proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game - NDN Collective, the Ocean Foundation, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the Exon Valdez Oil Spill fund, the Prince William Sound Science Center, and our tribal partners in the Chugach Region.

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Kelp in the kitchen

Becoming a Kelp Farmer

Kelp 101 - Green Wave

                                                                          Training | Tools | Community

                                Our friends at Green Wave have put together a series of resources to help kelp farmers. Check out their interactive resources below


Obtain Permits

Aquatic Farming Permit 

Please allow adequate time for permitting application process


Contact Us by August 15th 

Contact us by August 15th to reserve hatchery space for kelp production


Field Work

Collect your kelp and deliver to us in Seward, Alaska

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